Monday, January 19, 2009

what in a name

The title of this blogg is one from a certain perspective, to understand this perspective let me paint you a picture.

Follow the view, a large polar desert of ice and glaciers that leads to a large meadows that flows until a great forest. As we passed giant trees that stands 10 to 15 stories tall. We come upon a small clearing and in that clearing is a smaller town.
Inside the town there are 7 tall buildings and 5 wells.
Scatter among the tall building are a whole group of small two and one story building.
Each well is separate and service one or two building, each well is always bountiful.
Each well taste different and provide for the building that are close to them.

The tall building water starts from the top and flow down, there are workers that
pulls the water up the well by using buckets and rope. It is then taken to the building that wants it and the building pulls the water up to the tops floors and let it flows down the floors until everyone get water top floor first and bottom floor last.
Let focus on one building the North Avenue building and in that building there are a group that is called the United Suites of Availability.
They like most have top floors getting the best of the water and sometimes the bottom getting a few drops if any at all. They have water puller for two wells, when one puller thinks he hear the bucket hit the bottom of the well, the news travel fast. They then send pullers to other wells to bring bucket to keep the water flowing.
Some U.S. of A. pullers start fights to get there bucket full other try to sneak there bucket down other wells.
The people at the top tell the people at the bottom that tough times are coming and that they have to conserve the water.
Meanwhile one of the pullers decides that some one need to go down the
well to see if the water is as low as every one thinks.
And while no one is looking he used the rope and lower himself down the well.

Once on the bottom he discover a large cavern with 5 opening with many buckets being raised and the water level is dropping, it not one well in danger but all wells. The different in taste of the water is depending what is growing near the well, Some of the opening are near deeper part of the cavern and others is near shallow parts, but all are pulling from the same source.
His perspective the one that I am sharing is from the bottom of the well.

The town is called earth......the town is fine...we the people are all in danger.
Energy, resources, .... Water,
Are we making profit on are own demise.
More to come...please stand by.


  1. On the plus side, the only way one goes from well's bottom is UP.

  2. Now see what *I* got from that blog post was that Lorenzo was really upset that I crush him everytime we play Power Projection...

    The town...that's Lorenzo's ships attacking my ships...
    The buckets...that's my missiles flying at his ships...
    The depleating water...that's Lorenzo crying as I bring down THE HAMMER OF JUSTICE on his puny ships!

    Makes sense to me! :P

    (Heeeheee! We do miss you at PAGE Lorenzo - hope you can join us all again soon :D)